Psuedogynecomastia is one of the most common condition that often gets confused with gynecomastia. When men find out that they have unusually larger chest mass than their peers or other men of their age and body size and structure, probably the first thing that comes to their mind is gynecomastia. However, not all breast enlargement in men are caused as a result of excessive breast tissue growth or gynecomastia. Gynecomastia has its own underlying etiology and definite characteristics. It is recommended that you have a clear understanding of gynecomastia to know about pseudogynecomastia as they are inter-connected. This is required because, treatment of pseudogynecomastia is different from that of gynecomastia. Treatment options, pills that targets chest fat, surgery for pseudogynecomastia and even the surgical technique used to remove chest fat pseudogynecomastia are all different. However, there is similarity in the way both both gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia manifest or looks like for the untrained eye. Both of them manifest as enlarged breast in men.

What is pseudogynecomastia

The word pseudogynecomastia is a combination of two words: pseudo and gynecomastia. Pseudo means false or masking something else. So pseudogynecomastia means false gynecomastia or something that masks itself as gynecomastia but is not gynecomastia. In the case of pseudogynecomastia, the look and feel of gynecomastia is not as a result of excess breast tissue but fat accumulation. The way a male chest will look in the case of gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia is more or less the same.

Difference between gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia

The main difference as mentioned above is the underlying mass that leads to the feminization of the male breast. In the case of gynecomastia, what leads to the feminization of male breast is the growth of excessive breast tissue. However, if it is pseudogynecomastia, the underlying mass is not breast tissue but fat.

So if you think that you have gynecomastia just because you have a chubby chest, the first thing that you should make sure is that it is in fact gynecomastia. It is recommended that you consult with a doctor who specializes in the treatment and surgery of gynecomastia. Different doctors have slightly different approaches when it comes to differentiating between gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia. Below is a classic and basic approach to find the underlying mass.

An illustration showing the difference between pseudogynecomastia and normal male chest

The illustration above shows the difference between the physiological make up of a normal chest and that of a chest with pseudogynecomastia or chest fat.

The illustration below shows the difference between the physiological make up of a chest with gynecomastia or excess breast tissue and that of a chest with pseudogynecomastia or chest fat.

An illustration showing the difference between pseudogynecomastia and gynecomastia

Diagnosis of pseudogynecomastia

The patient lies flat on his back with his hands clasped beneath his head. Using the separated thumb and forefinger, the examiner slowly brings the fingers together from either side of the breast. In patients with true gynecomastia, a rubbery or firm mound of tissue that is concentric with the nipple–areolar complex is felt, whereas in patients with pseudogynecomastia, no such disk of tissue is found. In simple terms, if you have gynecomastia, you will feel hardness or firmness around your nipples showing the presence of breast tissue and in the case of pseudogynecomastia, you will not feel the hardness.

a doctor diagnosing a patient for gynecomastia

Pseudogynecomastia treatment options

Treatment options for pseudogynecomastia depends on factors like how fast you want the results, how much you are willing to pay and if you are able to workout in the gym to lose it. I am using the word treatment in the broadest sense here and this includes options that may not come under the purview of medical or clinical treatment in the strictest sense.

  • Compression shirts
  • Workouts that target lower chest fat
  • Fat burning supplements that targets chest fat
  • Chest fat reduction surgery

Gynecomastia Shirts

Gynecomastia shirts for men are another option to temporarily hide the visual effects of pseudogynecomastia. If you have an event coming and you are concerned or does not have the time to workout in the gym or try the pills or cannot afford surgery, compression shirts are the logical solution. They also help you feel, though temporarily, what it is like without pseudogynecomastia or gynecomastia even before you workout, take the pills or go for surgery. I always recommend my readers on this site to buy a compression shirt and realize the instant change and boost in self-confidence that they can get. offers absolutely free shipping and free returns on a wide variety of gynecomastia shirts and take a look at the selection if you are interested. Click here to browse the selection.

Workouts for pseudogynecomastia

Since pseudogynecomastia is caused by fat accumulation in the chest and especially behind and around the nipples, one relatively cost effective way to get rid of it is to incorporate workouts that target the upper chest into your routine at the gym. One thing that is worth and relevant mentioning here is that we are looking at fat loss and NOT muscle building. So the key with these workouts are that they have to be less/low weight and more/high frequency. All of the below workouts are for the upper chest and they are designed to pull up and burn fat from the lower chest and to flatten and  shape the chest. Below are some workouts that you can do at home and in the gym. You do not have to do all of them and can change them if you do not have the equipment. Take a look at this page dedicated for workouts to lose chest fat.

An illustration of a man performing decline push-ups to lose pseudogynecomastia
An illustration showing a man doing incline bench dumbbell press to lose pseudogynecomastia
An illustration showing a man doing dumbbell pullover to lose pseudogynecomastia
An illustration showing a man performing incline bench barbell press to lose pseudogynecomastia
An illustration showing a man doing smith machine incline bench press to lose pseudogynecomastia

Chest Fat Burner Pills

If you workout in the gym, YOU SHOULD try a fat burner that specifically targets the chest fat and burns it fast. One reputed product that is specifically designed to target and burn chest fat is Gynectrol. It is manufactured by CrazyBulk, a category leader in the body-building supplement industry.

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Surgery is another way to treat pseudogynecomastia for those who can afford it. However, you might be wondering why anyone would want to go for surgery if they can workout in the gym and use a chest fat burning pill. Some people are not active nor do they want to do it that way. With surgery, there is very little effort from your side and it is also pretty much instantaneous. With a pseudogynecomastia or chest fat reduction pill, you have to take the effort to be active and it also take at least a month to see the effects.  The procedure is fast and the effects are instant when done by a surgeon specialized in breast reduction treatments. One of the issues that plague people from undergoing surgery is the cost and insurance companies can be a hit and miss when it comes to approving claims. There are a number of companies that finance cosmetic surgeries and you can have your dream chest now and pay for the surgery in small monthly installments. Read the breast reduction surgery for men page for more information.

Below is a table that shows the main difference between gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia in terms of definition, appearance, diagnosis and treatment options.

Difference Gynecomastia Pseudogynecomastia
Definition Excessive growth of breast tissue in adult men Build up of fat behind, around and under nipples
Visibility Depends on grade Depends on how much fat has accumulated
Underlying matter Breast tissue Fat
Diagnosis Best done by a gynecomastia surgeon Best done by a gynecomastia surgeon
Surgical procedure Excision Liposuction
Treatment Options Compression shirts, Gynecomastia Pills and Surgery Compression shirts, Chest Fat Burning Pills, Workouts and Surgery