Breast reduction pills for men and surgery are the two main treatment options currently available to address the issue of breast enlargement in men. There is a lot of confusion and controversy when it comes to breast reduction pills for men and for the most part, it is due to lack of clarity about their types, purposes and use. My main goal for this resource page is to give you a clear idea about what they are, what are the types of breast reduction pills that are available in the market and what you should know and expect before using them.

First Things First: What Lies Behind ?

One of the popular misconceptions among the increasing population of men with breast enlargement is that all breast development is gynecomastia. Breast enlargement can indeed be caused by gynecomastia or the growth of breast tissue but not all breast enlargement is gynecomastia. It can also happen as a result of pseudogynecomastia or lipomastia, which appears the same as gynecomastia. Genuine gynecomastia is the excessive growth of breast tissue under and around the areola (nipples) leading to feminization of breast. Pseudogynecomastia is accumulation of fat under and around the areola (nipples). For some men, it is a mix of breast tissue (gynecomastia) and chest fat (pseudogynecomastia or lipomastia) and this is called mixed gynecomastia.

How To Know The Type Of Breast Enlargement You Have ?

FThe best way to diagnose what is causing your breast enlargement is to see a trained medical doctor. Your GP or family physician is well qualified to do it but I recommend a doctor specialising in gynecomastia because they are medical professionals specialised in this part of your body and does physical examination for this particular diagnosis on a daily basis. Almost all doctors who specialise in gynecomastia surgery also provides free initial consultation and you can utilise that opportunity to have the reason for your breast enlargement confirmed. Below is one method doctors use to confirm what is causing your breast enlargement. I am listing this for informational purposes only and ALWAYS have a doctor diagnose it and confirm it. Do not self-diagnose it.

a doctor diagnosing the cause of breast enlargement

In this illustration, you can see the patient lying flat on his back with his hands clasped beneath his head. Using the separated thumb and forefinger, the doctor slowly brings the fingers together from either side of the breast. If the individual has true gynecomastia, a rubbery or firm mound of tissue that is concentric with the nipple–areolar complex is felt. On the other hand, if the individual has pseudogynecomastia, no such disk or tissue is found.

Physical Examination Findings For Gynecomastia & Pseudogynecomastia Or Lipomastia

Gynecomastia Pseudogynecomastia
A mass under the nipple area of the breast with or without pain when touched or squeezed. Breast enlargement involves the both breasts equally and evenly, without pain during palpation.

Difference Between Gynecomastia & Pseudogynecomastia

An illustration showing when does workouts to lose chest fat works


The excessive growth of breast tissue in adult men is genuine gynecomastia. The reason for breast enlargement or feminization of the breast is the breast tissue growth. Read the A-Z guide to gynecomastia for more information.

Pseudogynecomastia Or Lipomastia

Accumulation of fat behind and around nipples and in the chest is pseudogynecomastia. The reason for breast enlargement or feminization is due to fat build up as opposed to growth of breast tissue. Read this detailed article on pseudogynecomastia for further differences from gynecomastia.

Now that we have covered the main difference, lets see what the main advantages and disadvantages of  breast reduction pills for men.


  • The convenience of not having to go for surgery.

  • Natural ingredients that have no side effects.

  • On average, one bottle of these supplements good for one month will cost between $65-70. Less expensive when you compare it with surgery.

  • There are no scars or stitches or hospitalisation involved.


  • Drugs like SERM’s and AI’s require a prescription.

  • Prescription drugs have side effects like shortness of breath and increased heartbeat.

Ideal Users Of Breast Reduction Pills For Men

  • Those who are looking for an option other than surgery to get rid of unwanted breast enlargement.

  • Those who can neither take time off from work nor prefers surgery.

  • Those who are unable to get insurance coverage for surgery but still wants to get rid of breast enlargement.

  • Those who are looking for personalised breast reduction treatment.

  • Those who are looking for instant results like within a week.

The Root Cause Of Gynecomastia

Before we go into the details about breast reduction pills for men who have gynecomastia, we have to understand the root cause of gynecomastia. The root cause of gynecomastia is the presence of excessive levels of the female hormone estrogen in the male body. This causes men to develop a number of feminine features and the most visible of that is breast enlargement caused by growth of excessive breast tissue. Excess estrogen can be caused by a variety of factors such as medical conditions, as a side effect of taking certain medication or due to predisposed genetic conditions. Whatever the cause is, it always leads to excessive presence of estrogen. If there is one definite over arching reason for gynecomastia, it is excess estrogen. Now this being said,  the male body will always have some level of estrogen and it is quite natural but for definite male physical features like a flat and strong chest, the level of testosterone must outnumber the level of estrogen.

Before looking at the supplements you can take for bringing testosterone up to normal levels, I also want to briefly mention about other options. The other two options when it comes to replenishing your testosterone are 1) consumption of food items that are rich in testosterone and 2) testosterone therapy. Consuming foods that are high in or promote testosterone are not a solution in itself and will not move the needle as a standalone option. It is also not very practical from a diet point of view. Testosterone therapy is a medical procedure that is in its infancy with possible side effects like sleep apnea and skin reactions. So this makes natural testosterone boosters the best of both worlds.

What Supplement Should You Take For Gynecomastia ?

The estrogen-testosterone ratio in your body is not in the proper ratio and this has to be corrected if you want to stop the growth of breast tissue or gynecomastia. A Testosterone Booster (T-Booster) supplement will increase the level of testosterone and tip the ratio in favour of testosterone. One mistake that a lot of men make in selecting testosterone supplements is that they mistake a fat burner that has some testosterone dosage in it for a real Testosterone Booster. Part of the reason is that they do not understand that gynecomastia is caused by excessive breast tissue and not fat. The testosterone dosage if any, in a fat burner is neither strong nor adequate to sufficiently increase and tip the estrogen-testosterone balance in favour of testosterone.

There are a number of testosterone supplements in the market and most of them are either under-dosed or their exact dosage are hidden behind a proprietary blend. When a product has a proprietary blend, it means that they are not legally obliged to reveal how much of the ingredients are in the product. Often times than not, majority portion of the product comprises of filler ingredients and not the crucial ones. TestoFuel is one product that stands out from the crowd with transparency when it comes to ingredients and the selection of ingredients are also based on scientific studies by the National Institute of Health.

TestoFuel was also developed and dosed for men with gynecomastia and I highly recommend this product if you want to raise your testosterone levels naturally. This is a very solid and effective product an on the testimonial page, you can see a number of before-after pictures of men who have had their breast shape changed to a more flat and masculine chest as a result of achieving adequate testosterone levels by using this product. Take a look at their testimonials page and see the before-after pictures yourself.

No Ingredient Dosage
1 Vitamin D3 5000 IU
2 Vitamin K2 18 mcg
3 Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCI) 5 mg
4 Magnesium (as Magnesium Aspartate) 200 mg
5 Zinc (as Zinc Monomethionine and Aspartate) 10 mg
6 D-Aspartic Acid 2300 mg
7 Asian Red Panax Ginseng 100 mg
8 Fenugreek (Seed) 100 mg
9 Oyster Extract 100 mg
natural testosterone booster for gynecomastia
  • 100% Natural Ingredients

  • Scientifically Proven Ingredients

  • Non-Proprietary Blend (Exact Dosage Known)

  • Made In U.S.A (FDA Inspected) & U.K (GMP Approved) 

  • Free Shipping

  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

TestoFuel Official Website

Prescription Drugs For Gynecomastia

SERM’s (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) and AI’s (Aromatise Inhibitor) are two class of very strong drugs. The process of conversion of testosterone into estrogen is called aromatisation. SERM’s minimises the effects of estrogen in the breast tissue and AI’s (Aromatise Inhibitor) prevent aromatisation or conversion of testosterone to estrogen in the first place. Both of these class of drugs (SERM’s & AI’s) require prescription and they are usually prescribed for treating breast cancer among women. There are some rogue laboratories that sells these online. They are neither safe, reliable and are contaminated from being manufactured in fly-by-night make shift laboratories. You should never use them for breast reduction unless vetted by a doctor and is given a prescription.

Common Brand Name SERM’s

  • Nolvadex

  • Clomid

  • Fareston

Common Brand Name AI’s

  • Femara

  • Arimidex

  • Aromasin

SERM’s And AI’s Pros

  • AI’s prevent production of estrogen

  • SERM’s interrupts the effects of estrogen.

SERM’s And AI’s Side Effects

  • Prescribed as a last resort for breast cancer in women

  • Joint pain

  • Bone density loss (Osteoporosis)

  • Pain or pressure in the pelvis

  • Leg swelling or tenderness

  • Chest pain

  • Shortness of breath

  • Sudden vision problems

  • Severe headache

You might wonder why these drugs with such a long list of side effects are prescribed in the first place. You have to take into consideration the fact that they are prescribed for a life threatening medical condition like breast cancer in women. In that case the side effects are justified when compared against loss of life.

Supplements Marketed As Custom Developed Chest Fat Burners

Gynexin and Gynectrol are two supplements that are marketed as custom developed fat burners specifically developed for chest fat. Their websites also uses the word gynecomastia very loosely for breast enlargement in general. However, both Gynexin’s and Gynectrol’s website very clearly states that their products target chest fat and does not make any claim that they work to get rid of breast tissue which is genuine gynecomastia.

Are These Unique Type Of Fat Burners ?

There are two unique ingredients, Sclareolides and Guggulsterone that is common to Gynectrol and Gynexin. Sclareolides is a herb found in the Mediterranean, North Africa and Central Asian region considered by some as helpful in increasing metabolism. Guggulsterone originates from India and is processed from the gum of the Commiphora mukul tree and is considered by some as having the potency to lower cholesterol or fat levels from the body. So the basic approach of these two products from an ingredient point of view is to increase the level of metabolism and reduce body fat.

The problem is that there is little in the form of established or conclusive evidence that these two have the claimed potency of raising metabolism and lowering high levels of body fat. There have been a few studies about Guggulsterone  that can be verified and you can see them at the National Centre for Biotechnology Information. One concludes that the results are inconsistent to arrive at a definite conclusion and you can read the abstract here. Another study that you can read here concludes by saying that the effects of guggulipid in patients with high cholesterol are not clear. Another study conducted among 34 people in Norway found that people who had Guggul had low cholesterol levels but their mean levels of LDL-C, triglycerides, and total cholesterol/HDL-C ratio had no change.

The Darker Side Of Guggulsterone

The inconsistent results when it comes to the potency of Guggulsterone is not the main problem. There is a potential dark side for this herb and it is that it does not play well with estrogen. According to WebMD’s dedicated page for Guggulsterone,  high levels of Guggulsterone can theoretically increase the side effects of estrogen and as you have come to know by this time, one of the side effects of excess estrogen is gynecomastia or development of breast tissue in men. There is no need for panic if you want to take this supplement for fat loss but I suggest you avoid it if there is the possibility of excess estrogen in your body. Its fat reducing properties are not that well established or proven and on top of that, there is the risk of interaction with estrogen in your body.



Gynectrol chest fat burner supplementGynectrol is a supplement developed and marketed specifically for breast enlargement by Crazy Bulk, a relatively new entrant in the fitness circle. The official site is

No Ingredient What It Does
1 Sclareolides Increases metabolism
2 Guggulsterone Reduces stubborn fat like chest fat
3 Caffeine Enhances focus and provides energy
4 Chromium Helps to increase metabolism rate
5 Theobromine cacao Helps to burn fat


  • Contains Guggulsterone, A Natural Fat Burner 

  • Non-Proprietary Blend (Exact Dosage Known)

  • Made In U.S.A

  • Free Shipping


  • No Money Back Guarantee For Opened Bottles

See detailed analysis in the comparison table below.


GynexinGynexin is a another supplement that is available in the market for pseudogynecomastia and is manufactured by a company called Zudker Group. They also have another product, a chest skin tightening cream called Gynexol. Gynexin has more or less the same ingredients as Gynectrol but also contain other ingredients like Titanium Dioxide. The official website is at

No Ingredient What It Does
1 Sclareolides Increases testosterone
2 Guggulsterone Reduces stubborn fat like chest fat
3 Caffeine Amplifies fat burning and supplements the action of  sclareolides
4 Chromium Helps to increase metabolism rate
5 Titanium Dioxide To extend shelf life and expiry period
6 Gelatin Capsule cover
7 Red Dye #40 AFC (Artificial Food Colour)
8 Red Dye #3 AFC (Artificial Food Colour)
9 Blue Dye #1 AFC (Artificial Food Colour)
10 Green Tea Extract Increase Metabolism
11 Proprietary Blend Dosage information of individual ingredients not disclosed


  • 7 Years In Market

  • First Ever Product For Breast Reduction


  • Proprietary Blend (Exact Dosage Information Not Available)

  • No Money Back Guarantee For Opened Bottles

  • Requires Return Merchant Authorisation (RMA) From Manufacturer For Returns

Gynectrol VS Gynexin

Product Gynectrol Gynexin
Unique Selling Point (USP) Marketed As Specifically For Male Breast Reduction Marketed As Specifically For Male Breast Reduction
Manufacturer Crazy Bulk Zudker Group
Unique Ingredients Sclareolides & Guggulsterone Sclareolides & Guggulsterone
Proprietary Blend No Yes
Appetite Suppression



Fat To Energy Conversion



Fat Formation Prevention



Free Shipping Yes No
Manufactured In United States United States
Money Back Guarantee Yes for unopened bottles Yes for unopened bottles with 20% restocking fee
Official Website

Why I Do Not Recommend Gynectrol

There are a few reasons that I do not recommend Gynectrol but first, I will mention some of their positive aspects. Crazy Bulk’s products are natural and Gynectrol’s ingredients are not proprietary blends, meaning they are transparent about what is inside and their dosage.

Now let’s see the devil hiding in the details. First of all, you do not get any money back on opened bottles. I can understand part of the reason and that is to discourage people from taking advantage of it after using it and saying that the product did not work. No issues with that. But the real issue is in the 7 day return period after from the day of delivery. The practical implication is that this policy makes returning unused bottles impossible because any additional unused bottled becomes ineligible to be returned. I think you have every right to return an unused product that did not work for you as advertised. Gynectrol is also a single mode fat burner with no appetite suppression support and there is also the uncertainty of Guggulsterone and its possible interaction with estrogen.

Are They Custom Developed Breast Reduction Pills For Men ?

There is absolutely nothing in the ingredients to say that Gynectrol and Gynexin are dedicated chest fat burners in the sense that they identify, target and burn off chest fat first. So why do they promote Gynectrol and Gynexin as breast reduction pills for men. It has more to do with marketing than what they actually do. The fat burner supplement is a multi-billion dollar market in the United States alone and the last thing that any manufacturer wants is to enter such a cut-throat competitive market as yet another product. From a marketing point of view, if you do not stand out from the crowd, you are doomed to fail at first step. So the idea must have been to create a separate category of fat burners just for chest fat and to dominate and monopolise that category. When they say that they are chest fat burners, its actually not a lie but the fact is that they could burn off chest fat also just as they burn off overall body fat through increased metabolism. As of 2017, no fat burners have been developed exclusively for targeting and burning off just chest fat.

Why I Do Not Recommend Gynexin

There are a few reasons that I do not recommend Gynexin but I will list some of its positive aspects to give credit where its due. Gynexin is a product that has been in the market for the last 7 years and it was the first mass market over the counter breast reduction pill for men. It is also a product that has stayed in production in the midst of a number of products that came and went by. Another positive aspect is that you have 45 days from the date of delivery to initiate a refund and Gynexin does offer to refund for bottles that are unopened. They also have some testimonials from users on their website that shows their before and after chest shape.

Now lets see the devil in the details. Gynexin has a proprietary blend and you have to understand what does it mean by a proprietary blend. In a proprietary blend, you know what the ingredients are but you do not know how much of those ingredients are you getting. This is because the FDA requires manufacturers to list the amount of each ingredient except if it is a proprietary blend. So in plain language, if it is a proprietary blend, they do not have to disclose if you are getting enough of the key ingredient. Ingredients can be over or under dosed. Say for example, if you are sensitive to caffeine and the proprietary blend has a higher amount of caffeine than your threshold, you will never know. If the dosage is mentioned, you can limit or totally avoid caffeine intake from additional sources. The money back guarantee does not cover opened bottles and once you open the bottle, it voids the money back guarantee. You also need the manufacturer to give you a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) to return the product for refund. There is also a 20% restocking fee for all returned unopened bottles. Another quality that I find as lacking is that there is no support for suppressing your appetite to help you burn off the stored fat fast.  Finally, there is also the presence of Guggulsterone that could interact with excess estrogen that could be present in your body.

How To Lose Chest Fat For Sure

Now that we have looked at these two products and their ingredients, I will tell you how you can practically reduce chest size. There are only two ways you can reduce chest size permanently and the first is through breast reduction surgery. If you go for breast reduction surgery, a gynecomastia surgeon will remove 1) excessive breast tissue through a procedure called excision and 2) remove chest fat through a procedure called liposuction. Surgery becomes the only option if your breast enlargement is caused by breast tissue. I hate to tell you but you cannot do anything else to get rid of the breast tissue that has been there for some time. You can use testosterone supplementation to correct the testosterone-estrogen ratio in favour but that is preventing further development of breast tissue and not removing the breast tissue that is already there.

Chest and abdomen are the most vulnerable areas of our body for fat deposits and if you are above normal BMI or above normal weight, you will have a lot of chest fat which is also one of the most stubborn type of fat to lose. All you need is to lose that chest fat to see significant breast reduction. Can you go for surgery to lose chest fat ? Yes by all means if you can. But do you have to ? No. If you like to know more about getting rid of chest fat without surgery, continue reading.

3 Key Elements To Lose Chest Fat

There are three key elements if you need to get rid of chest fat and they are 1) You need to reduce or limit fat intake, 2) You need to increased metabolism to burn of stubborn chest fat and 3) you need to do specific workouts that will burn off chest fat and widen your chest.

How To Control Fat Intake

It is very easy to tell someone to control fat intake or food intake in general because its easier said than done. What does the body do ? The body fights back with a vengeance with hunger pangs. Why the body fights back with hunger pangs is because it is in survival mode and wants to get the fat back into its system for future survival. The physiological mechanism in us is not concerned about how we feel or how does the chest look like. For the body, its all about getting as much as fat as possible to store for its survival. The body does not relate its mechanism with the aspirations of the mind. Some people say you can simply will it out over hunger pangs and that is simply horse crap!. Anyone can tell it to anyone ELSE because they are not doing it. I know what happens when you try to will it out because I have done that. You will become hungry, tired, unable to focus and in the end you lose the fight against the body. Why most people fail to lose stubborn chest fat is because their body is not supported to curb its appetite and this creates a lot of stress and strain in their day to day life. One of the misconception that a lot of people have is when they think of losing fat in isolation from the daily realities of life and work. Losing stubborn fat like that of chest requires the body mechanism to be taken into consideration and for that you need appetite suppression support. This is where a lot of fat burners fail. They are dosed for metabolism but fails to address the issue of increased appetite that is caused by increased metabolism.

Stubborn fat like chest fat can only be burned off when you are able to control your appetite, consume less fat and workout at the same time. We will look at a multi-modal fat burner that helps you curb appetite, burns stubborn chest fat and gives you focus throughout the day so that you can go about with your normal day routine. Before that, let’s look at workouts that are designed to specifically target chest fat.

Workouts To Lose Chest Fat

There are a few questions that may come into your mind about doing workouts to lose chest fat. First of all, do you absolutely have to do these 5 workouts ? The answer is No but you have to be physically active in some way. If you are willing to do these workouts specifically designed to lose chest fat, it has two advantages 1) it will turbo charge loss of stubborn chest fat and 2) it will give your chest a very better shape than if you do not do the workouts. You also do not have to do ALL of the below. 3 out of the 5 can be done at home if you can buy a pair of dumbbells. They key idea here is to get movement in your chest and if you cannot do any of the specific workouts to  shape your chest and lose chest fat ,even doing simple cardio, skipping or running will be enough to speed up the fat loss.

High Frequency, Low Weights

Lets see the logic behind what we are doing with workouts. We are not trying to build muscles but we are trying to lose the fat and provide movement in the pectoral area. For this purpose, we are doing more numbers/repetitions with less weight. If we go for high weights, it focuses the primary attention to muscle building than fat loss. The area that will are concentrating is the upper chest because it does two things 1) upper chest workouts forces chest fat to be spread upwards from behind the areola (nipples) in the lower chest and 2) it widens the pectoral area leading to a flatter chest.

Workouts To Lose Chest Fat

An animated illustration of a man performing decline push ups workout to lose chest fat
An animated image of a man performing incline bench dumbbell press workout to lose chest fat
A man performing dumbbell pullover workout to lose chest fat
An animated illustration of a man performing incline bench barbell press workout to lose chest fat
A man performing smith machine incline bench press workout to lose chest fat

The Best Multi-Modal Supplement To Lose Stubborn Chest Fat

Precise supplementation is the difference between a failed attempt to lose chest fat and a flat strong chest. It is also the difference between the amateurs and the pros in the fitness field. Precise supplementation makes fat loss efforts very practical and attainable because it provides support on all fronts. Fat loss does not happen in a vacuum or in isolation and your body and mind needs support. You body needs support to increase fat burning, suppress appetite and stop fat production. Your mind needs focus and cannot be distressed from the hunger pangs.

Instant Knockout is the most advanced and clinical grade multi-modal fat burner that you can buy without a prescription. It was originally developed for MMA fighters to lose weight and has since been made available for the common market. One thing that makes it unique is the end to end support it provides for your body and mind to keep pushing towards burning off that last drop of fat. It is also one of the strongest dosed fat burners endorsed by Pro Boxers, MMA Coaches and MMA Fighters.

With its four pronged approach, Instant Knockout provides the right physiological and mental framework for you to eat less, still get energy for to be physically active and maintain focus at the same time.

Instant knockout

We will take a look at the ingredients and their mechanism of action. Another positive aspect of this product is that the dosage of its key ingredients is not hidden behind a proprietary blend. You exactly know how much of the ingredients you are getting and there is no risk of buying an under-dosed product that is more on filler and less on key ingredients.

Ingredient Dosage Mechanism Of Action
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCI) 5mg Increased metabolism, stops hunger pangs and prevents muscle loss
Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin) 10mcg Converts stored body fat to energy
Zinc (as zinc oxide) 10mg Increases fat burning
GTF Chromium (as picolinate) 100mcg Increases body’s fat burning process
Green Tea Extract (leaf) 500mg Increases metabolism
Green Coffee Extract (bean) 100mg Increases metabolism
Cayenne Powder 100mg Burns fat faster
Glucomannan (konjac root) 1800mg Prevents fat absorption into the body
Caffeine Anhydrous 300mg Reduces fatigue and increases focus
Black Pepper Extract 10mg Prevents fat cell formation

As you can see, each ingredient in Instant Knockout has a unique role and forms part of the multi-modal fat burning mechanism. I have researched a number of fat burning supplements and Instant Knockout is the most safe and strong fat burner in the market that does not have any known side effects. It is also one of the most sold fat burner in North America and Europe and only fat burner openly endorsed by the professional MMA community.

Used & Endorsed By MMA Fighters & Coaches

One of the most reliable benchmark of reliability for any fat burning product are testimonials from professionals who have used it and are willing to vouch with their name and face. Following are some testimonials from professional MMA fighters, MMA coaches as well as common folks like you and me who have successfully used to Instant Knockout to burn off significant amounts of chest fat.

Diego Sanchez, one of UFC’s famous fighters used Instant Knockout to cut from 190lbs to 145lbs. You can see his  short review in the below video or read the full review here.



a man before losing chest fat



a man before losing chest fat




Greg Jackson is one of the most experienced and sought after coach in MMA and has coached some of the biggest names in the sport like Georges St. Pierre, Jon Jones and Holly Holm. He also recommends Instant Knockout to his students and you can see his short video review of Instant Knockout or read the full review here.








John Dodson is another professional MMA fighter who has used Instant Knockout to lose fat and be in peak shape. He was also the champion in Bantamweight category of season 14 of The Ultimate Fighter Championship. You can see his short video review below or read his full review here.




You can see much more testimonials from the testimonials page.  The personal testimonials of MMA fighters and their complete fat loss journey can be seen and read at the pro athletes testimonial page. I highly recommend you take a look at them.

Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantees are dime a dozen in the fat burner supplement market but as you have seen in the case of the other two fat burners marketed as breast reduction pills for men, the devil is in the details. The money back guarantee is hidden behind a maze of conditions and clauses virtually making it impossible for a customer to get his money back. I personally believe that a money back guarantee is one of the most important mark of trust a manufacturer have on their products ability to achieve the promised results. Instant Knockout has a 90 day money back guarantee if you do not see any results after using the product and this is why I have no qualms in recommending this product.

No Question Answer
1 Do I need to prior approval from customer service to return Instant Knockout ? No
2 Do I need an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation) from customer service to return Instant Knockout ? No
3 Will I get money back for opened or empty bottles ? Yes
4 Will I get money back for unopened or empty bottles ? Yes
5 Does Instant Knockout contains any banned substances ? No
6 Can you pass a drug test while/after taking Instant Knockout ? Yes

Ready To Lose Chest Fat ?

No Feature Review
1 Fat burner type Multi-modal fat burner
2 Potency High strength
3 Ingredients 100% vegetarian
4 Thermogenic fat burning
5 Prevents fat production
6 Appetite suppressant
7 Hunger pangs
8 Prevents mood swings
9 Side effects None
10 Dosage information of ingredients available Yes
11 Manufactured in U.S.A in FDA approved facility and U.K in GMP approved facility
12 Free worldwide shipping Yes
15 Unconditional money back guarantee 90 day money back guarantee
16 Official website

Instant Knockout is an absolutely effective high strength fat burner endorsed by MMA fighters and MMA coaches and has a 90 day money back guarantee. If you are willing to do even basic cardio, I highly recommend you buy Instant Knockout to achieve significant breast reduction.

Instant Knockout Official Website

Other Options For Breast Reduction

There are two other options to manage breast enlargement and they are to use a 1) compression shirt or 2) have it removed by surgery. Compression shirts are an inexpensive option but they are only a temporary option. Take a look at the compression shirts for men page for detailed information about their pro’s, cons and where to buy them. Breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia (excision of breast tissue) or pseudogynecomastia (liposuction of chest fat) is another (albeit expensive) option that is personalised and customised for your individual needs. Take a look at our A-Z guide to breast reduction surgery page for more information.