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Gynecomastia Surgery Cost: Total Surgery Cost Breakdown

Gynecomastia surgery cost is an aspect to be considered if you cannot get insurance coverage.

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Gynecomastia Surgery Cost

Gynecomastia surgery cost is one of the most sought after piece of information when it comes to frequently asked questions about gynecomastia surgery. Before going through the different variables that contributes to the final gynecomastia surgery cost, let’s be clear about the available treatment options to permanently get rid of gynecomastia. There are currently only two options to permanently get rid of gynecomastia [1].

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The first is a to use a non-surgical supplement and the second treatment option to permanently get rid of gynecomastia is to undergo gynecomastia surgery [2]. For individuals who have tried a gynecomastia supplement but are not happy with the results, then gynecomastia surgery is the only logical option. However, the major stumbling block for a lot of men who so badly wants to get rid of gynecomastia is the cost of gynecomastia surgery.

How Much Does Gynecomastia Surgery Cost ?

There is no exact figure for gynecomastia surgery cost as it will vary based on the location, the profile of the surgeon and any associated procedures like blood work or imaging that may be come necessary in your particular case. You will be looking anywhere between $6000-8500 by the time you are out of the hospital. The following table will give you a rough idea of what all expenses constitute to the final gynecomastia surgery cost [3].

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Procedure / Service Approximate cost
Surgeon Fee $ 4000 – $ 4500
Anesthesia $ 1500 – $ 2000
Lab Tests $ 500 – $ 1000
Post-surgery Compression Shirts / Vest $ 100- $ 500

Why Is Gynecomastia Surgery Cost Such A Big Deal ?

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The main issue with the cost of gynecomastia surgery is of affordability as it is rarely covered by insurance companies unless accompanied by a critical or life-threatening medical condition like a tumor [4]. If it is just for cosmetic purposes, your chances of getting your gynecomastia surgery cost covered are slim at best.

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Take a look at the insurance coverage for gynecomastia surgery  page to see a list of all the major medical insurance companies along with their conditions for covering gynecomastia surgery cost. This will give you a great deal of clarity as to whether you can bank on your insurance coverage for covering your gynecomastia surgery.

Other Options To Cover Gynecomastia Surgery Cost

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If your insurance provider does not cover the cost of gynecomastia surgery and you are unable to foot the bill but still wants to get rid of gynecomastia through surgery, the next logical option is to finance your gynecomastia surgery through a third party.

Surgery financing is becoming very common these days are more and more men are opting to get the chest shape they want. If you understand the financial commitment and thinks getting rid of gynecomastia as a key factor for advancing your personal well being, then choosing finance as a way to cover your gynecomastia cost is well worth it and nothing to be overly concerned about.

  • Financing the cost of gynecomastia surgery is very common among a large number of those who get rid of gynecomastia through surgery.

  • Almost all major financing companies have financial products to cover surgery expenses and all of these companies will cover your gynecomastia surgery cost.

  • Gynecomastia surgeons will also sometimes have their own financing programs to cover gynecomastia surgery cost and they can easily take care of all the paper work and other aspects of payment.

  • If you have a reasonable credit score and a relatively uneventful credit history, you will easily qualify for financing to cover your gynecomastia surgery cost.

An image that mentions the different financing sources for gynecomastia surgery

There are a lot more financing options than we usually think about for financing the gynecomastia surgery cost. Some of the sources that you can look at are medical credit cards, credit cards specifically for cosmetic surgery, line of credit from banks, low-interest rates from credit unions and in-house financing by surgeons among others. Read more detailed information on all of these down below.

A Friendly Reminder About Financing

You have to understand is that by opting for gynecomastia surgery financing, you are making a financial commitment for at least the next one year and this should be the same your car payment or mortgage payment. The question you have to ask yourself is whether you are able to afford the repayments. Getting rid of gynecomastia is always worth it in my personal opinion as the boost in confidence is ten times worth the cost of the surgery but at the same time, do not jeopardize your credit score by taking on payments that you cannot sustain. Your economic health is just as important as your physical well-being. Gynecomastia surgery is not cheap and if you need to postpone surgery because you don’t have the financial means yet, then do so.

An image that talks about things to watch for when taking financing

Your Credit Score Does Matter

Financing institutions and lenders will look into your credit score/history in order for your financing application to get approved with a decent interest rate. You must have established a good standing of at least two years with no bankruptcies, tax liens or open collections showing on the report. If your score needs improvement, start paying your debts and optimizing your savings immediately. If you already have a good credit history, your approval chances will be greater. If someone else is financing your surgery, make sure they have a good credit score because the interest rate that you will be paying will be set based on your sponsor’s credit score.

If you do not see yourself as having the means to repay it, then do not go for it. Interest rates can be anywhere between 15 – 45 % depending upon the company, their offer and your credit score. Different companies have different terms for gynecomastia surgery financing and hence it is not possible to give you a general rate. You are forewarned that failure to repay will cause you a lot more issues that the problem you have solved with that financing.

The Devil Is In The Details

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One of the printed items stated on your financing offer is the APR (annual percentage rate) or the interest rate. APR is the amount of interest on the total loan amount you have to pay annually (which is averaged over the full loan term). But experts warn that if the contract says “free checking, zero percent APR, zero finance charges for 25 months, there’s some catch. Why? Lower APR means lower monthly payments. If you decide to get 0% APR, let’s say, for 6 or 25 months, you’ll have a higher variable APR (sometimes, doubling the amount financed and monthly rates). So what I am trying put across is that 0% APR is not necessarily a great option depending on your payment pattern.

Rate Changes, Hidden Charges & Sneaky Stuff You Don’t Want To Miss

Rate changes will also be listed, so you cannot overlook this. If you’re late with your payments, financing companies could automatically raise your rate. The fine print will inform you which payment defaults could cause a rate increase. To help you understand this, plastic surgery financing is an unsecured personal loan (same as credit card). This means that you don’t have to provide a collateral for the loan, and that there’s nothing to repossess.

Financing surprises

This is why not all doctors accept this kind of financing. They share the high risk with financing companies if you don’t pay back your loan. As a result, the interest rates for unsecured loans will be higher, because that’s their only security if you’re unable to pay back the amount. Check how long you have to repay the financing loan. Your payment terms may range from six months to 84 months, depending on the type of financing plan you have chosen. As previously mentioned, if you have defaulted on a payment, you may be liable for payment penalties such as interest rate increases. Plus, find out if there’s a penalty for early repayment.

Cards For Financing Gynecomastia Surgery Cost

These credit cards are referred to as healthcare or medical credit cards that are used to cover surgical procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, and the like. You could also use them for your male breast reduction surgery, similar to what credit cards do. As a typical credit card, you must be approved first to receive funds/loans. To have higher chances of approval and lower interest rates, you should have a high credit score or history. So how does it work? You borrow funds for the treatment and pay them back over time. Banks and healthcare companies that offer these cards work with their patients by establishing repayment schedules and terms that usually run for 6 to 48 months.

An image that mentions about credit cards that are specifically in the market to finance gynecomastia surgery cost

Unlike traditional credit cards, healthcare cards are only used for medical expenses such as surgeries, prescriptions, and health insurance deductibles [5,6]. Provided that you pay off your minimum payments and avoid defaulting on schedule, you won’t be charged any interest. In fact, these types of credit cards can help you with your budget, and enables you to obtain treatments you urgently need right now but don’t have the means for it. Before acquiring a healthcare card, make sure that you understand and read the fine print. Some doctors and medical facilities may not accept the particular card you are looking at to get. Worse yet, your card may not cover your surgery procedure, and zero interest plans may entail minimum charges. Some medical credit cards like Citi Health Card do not even finance any plastic and cosmetic surgeries [7]. Below are credit card options you can choose from to finance your gynecomastia surgery.

care credit is a company that provides financing opttions to cover gynecomastia surgery cost

CareCredit is one of the leading companies that offers gynecomastia surgery financing and it works like a credit card for your surgery needs. You will be signing up for a fixed term like 12, 24, 36 or 60 month repayment period and you will also have a minimum monthly payment to make [8].

CreditCare also offer different interest rates depending upon the loan amount and also offers interest-free loans if you are willing to repay within the stipulated period of time. It also has approximately 1,75,000 providers in its network and you are sure to find someone in your city. CareCredit only works with providers that are approved by them and in their network but they will work with your provider if he/she is not in their network or will refer you to a competent provider in their network.


Alphaeon is a company that offers financing for cosmetic surgery through their Alphaeon credit card issued by the Comenity Capital Bank in association with board certified surgeons. Gynecomastia is one of the cosmetic procedures that can be done using this card.

AccessOne Med Card is a cosmetic surgery credit card that can used for gynecomastia surgery financing

AccessOne Med Card on their site states that no patient will be denied financing no matter what their situation and bill amount is. I think that is a very bold statement for them to make if it is true without caveats. They also claim that they do not credit report your credit score .

Companies Offering Gynecomastia Surgery Financing

simple select finance company offers loans to cover gynecomastia surgery costBased in South Carolina, SimpleSelect covers surgical cosmetic treatments and procedures such as Gynecomastia Surgery [11]. They provide attractive rates and terms to surgery patients and offers fixed rate installment loan product with terms up to 60 months to cover your gynecomastia surgery cost. This ensures that patients will receive the amount of financing they need with low, fixed reasonable payments.

gynecomastia surgery cost financing company surgery loans

SurgeryLoans is another company that offers gynecomastia surgery financing if you need to finance your gynecomastia surgery. One key difference between CareCredit and SurgeryLoans is that SurgeryLoans does not require you to have your gynecomastia surgery with a doctor in their network and you can have the surgery done at your choice of surgeon and they will directly pay the surgeon. The interest rate ranges between 9 and 30% based on a number of factors including your credit score, the repayment period you select and any available promotional rates. is a company providing gynecomastia surgery loans

Another gynecomastia surgery financing facilitator is have different payment options that you can be eligible for based on your requirement and credit history. Interest rates with myMedicalLoan starts at 10% and goes up [12].

compass payment solutions is a finance company that provides loans through to cover gynecomastia surgery cost is a gynecomastia surgery financing facilitator that arranges financing through Compass Payment Solutions. They have a provider network that they work with and offers different payment plans and your interest rate would depend on your credit score and the repayment period [13].

united medical credit is a company that provides financing to cover gynecomastia surgery cost

United Medical Credit is another company that offer gynecomastia surgery financing and they work with providers or surgeons in their network. If your surgeon is not already a part of their provider network, they will work with your surgeon so that you can have your gynecomastia surgery at your preferred surgeon. The interest date for gynecomastia surgery financing will depend on your credit score, the repayment period and any special promotions available [14].

An image that mentions companies that offer financing to cover gynecomastia surgery cost

American benefit credit is a credit association that offers financing to cover gynecomastia surgery costAmerican Benefit Credit is a credit association providing affordable patient financing programs and medical loans. Their stated aim is to relieve patients from massive healthcare expenses associated with surgical procedures. Plus, it has connections with major Medical Finance Investors. The association also gives potential gynecomastia patients high chances of approval since they offer financing for cosmetic surgery for breast reduction.

Med Loan Finance is a loan processing company that facilitates loans to cover gynecomastia surgery costMed Loan Finance offers financing for plastic and cosmetic surgery, which means that you can receive financing for your breast reduction surgery. Med Loan Finance strives to grant surgery patients the financial means to help them pay their medical bills. Financing rates range from $500 to $100,000 depending on your credit score and lender of choice [15].

Med Choice Financial is a finance provider offering gynecomastia surgery loansMed Choice Finance procedures that include cosmetic surgery (e.g. liposuction for your breast reduction surgery). According to their website, there is no down payment, provides special promotional patient financing, and gives out immediate credit approvals. They also provide MedChoice cards where you can use for healthcare services that you choose subject to credit approval.

reliance medical finance is a company providing gynecomastia surgery loansSituated in Beverly Hills, CA, this financing company offers affordable and flexible credit terms and rates, along with their wide range of patient financing programs that fit an individual patient’s needs. They finance common medical procedures including plastic and cosmetic surgery (includes liposuction for breast reduction in male patients). Additionally, they have advance payment options for patients requiring to pre-pay surgical fees, and they can deliver checks to multiple parties, such as anesthesiologists or hospital facilities. Company claims that you can get the entire approved amount you’ve applied for.

Unconventional Funding Sources

When we think about gynecomastia surgery cost and financing, we usually only think about cosmetic surgery credit cards or surgery financing companies. There are other sources for financing your gynecomastia surgery and below are some unconventional funding sources.

Personal Loans

Banks provide personal loans that are available in many categories. Personal loans are usually categorized into secured and unsecured loans. Secured personal loans are largely based on the collateral security of your assets such as auto loan or home loan. Banks all over the world offer these types of loans and they get reimbursement from your income.

Secured loans have more flexible terms and conditions, with cheaper interest rates and extended repayment dates. Unsecured loans (this include your credit card), which have not been secured by any collateral, can be used for emergency and unexpected cases. If you are in urgent need of expensive treatment (e.g. plastic surgery for your gynecomastia), you can apply for unsecured bank loans as well.

An image that mentions personal loans as a source to finance gynecomastia surgery cost

Almost all banks in major North American countries offers personal loans that requires no collateral to qualify. The loan’s repayment terms can range from 12 to 60 months. Even better, there are no origination or prepayment fees. You can apply by specifying that you need medical expenses to cover your surgery. However, as standard procedure, most banks will perform a background check to determine your capability to repay the loan.

Credit Unions

An image saying that credit unions are also a good source to finance cosmetic surgeries
Credit unions are nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations that help provide their members financial services such as savings, deposits, and loans that have reasonable interest rates. Financial credit unions offer personal loans  that can be used for elective procedures such as plastic surgeries. They offer cost effective financial services to all members through their wide array of personal loans options and always try to get a low-interest loan from your local credit union to finance your gynecomastia surgery cost.

Bank Overdrafts

An image showing bank overdraft as a source for financing gynecomastia surgery cost

An overdraft occurs when you do not have sufficient money available in your bank account due to withdrawal of excess funds than what your account has. But banks offer “authorized” overdraft services that you can use for your gynecomastia surgery. Overdraft financing can be useful for short-term funding where you need those extra medical funds to spend for your surgery. Banks allow overdrafts that enable you to get money through your existing bank account up to a certain amount limit. Banks may automatically offer you an overdraft, or you can apply for one. Proceed with caution with overdrafts because if you constantly max out your overdraft, you may find yourself in a bind to get credit elsewhere.

Line Of Credit From Bank

An image mentioning line of credit as a source for breast reduction surgery
A line of credit is one way to borrow extra funds for paying off your gynecomastia surgery cost. Some banks also offers personal unsecured line of credit where any one can apply (and qualify!). With your personal line of credit, you will be able to pay off higher interest loans, use pre-authorized payment plans, and make sure you never miss a payment. Personal lines of credit help you pay down your balance with any additional funds so you can save up on interest. Some banks enable you to pay as little as the minimum monthly payments stated in your Line of Credit Agreement, or any amount up to the entire balance. Line of credit is an ideal option to pay off your existing high-interest gynecomastia surgery loan from another provider.

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