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Honest Gynexin Review & Frequently Asked Questions

Gynexin review covering, medication conflicts, diet and workouts for maximum effectiveness.

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The goal of this Gynexin review is to walk you through facts about Gynexin including ingredients, their mechanism of action, possible side effects, medication conflicts and recommended diet. We will also take a look at the most frequently asked questions at the end of this Gynexin review.

Breast Tissue Growth In Adolescence

gynexin is not recommended for pubertal gynecomastia

I have come into contact with a lot of teenagers who were concerned about their breat tissue growth. Before we go to this Gynexin review, I want to make one thing very clear. Breast tissue development occurs as part of the normal bodily growth during three times in the life span of a male and one of them is during puberty [1]. If you are a teenager still in your adolescence, you should not use Gynexin because some breast tissue growth is very natural [2]. It should go away on its own as you enter adulthood [3]. You can read in-depth about the cause of breast tissue growth in teenagers at gynecomastia in teenagers page. [4,5,6,7]

Breast Development In Men

gynexin review introduction

This section of the Gynexin review will be a crash course in basics of breast development in men and gynecomastia. I very well understand that you came here to read a review of Gynexin and not for a lecture on gynecomastia but this introduction is necessary for you to get a very clear understanding of Gynexin and its mechanism of action.


Gynecomastia is the excessive growth of breast tissue in adult men leading to feminization of male breast [8]. About 36% of young adult men the United States have gynecomastia but when we hear  statistics like 36% of men, we sometimes fail to understand the scale of this issue. To put this perspective, the latest U.S census data reveals that there are about 53 million men between ages 20-50. So we are looking at about 17 million men with gynecomastia just in the United States [9].

an image showing anatomy of gynecomastia

Based on breast development and feminization of the male breast, gynecomastia is divided into four grades by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons [10]. We will take a look at the grades below and will then proceed to the Gynexin review.

Grades of gynecomastia


Pseudogynecomastia or false gynecomastia is breast enlargement in men caused by accumulation of fat instead of breast tissue growth [11]. The correct medical terms for breast enlargement due to fat is called lipomastia or adipomastia. Breast enlargement due to excessive breast tissue as a result of gynecomastia and excessive fat accumulation as a result of pseudogynecomastia looks more or less the same [12].

an anatomical illustration of pseudogynecomastia

Breast Enlargement In Most Cases

The classification of breast enlargement in men into gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia mainly theoretical and for clarity. In almost all cases of breast development in men, it is a mix of breast tissue and chest fat [13, 14]. This is called mixed gynecomastia [15]. In the next part of this Gynexin review, we will look at the main factors behind breast tissue growth, the role of chest fat and this will also help you understand the ingredients in Gynexin.

understanding mixed gynecomastia will give you a better idea of how ingredients work in this Gynexin review

How Does Gynecomastia Occur

what causes gynecomastia

We will take a look at the pathophysiology (root cause) of gynecomastia in this part of the Gynexin review. A medical condition, abuse of drugs, carried over excess estrogens from adolescence or other unknown causes creates excessive levels of estrogen in the male body and changes the estrogen-tesosterone balance [16]. When the male body has excessive levels of estrogen, it leads to two important reactions. First, it encourages the body to retain more fat in the breasts and in the abdomen. Second, the male hormone testosterone levels are significantly reduced [16]. This is the preparatory stage of breast tissue growth. In the next stage, the chest fat produces an enzyme called aromatase that converts estrogen to testosterone and acts as a secondary gland that produces estrogen and more estrogen is produced along with suppression of male hormone testosterone [17]. So excess estrogen, pectoral fat and low testosterone levels form a negative feedback loop where estrogen and chest fat feeds each other. This is how we develop gynecomastia [1].

Diagnosis Of Gynecomastia

diagnosis of gynecomastia

Gynecomastia should always be diagnosed by a doctor and never self-diagnose it. Your family doctor or a general physician can do a physical examination and confirm it is best to see a doctor who specialises in gynecomastia treatment and surgery. These are medical professionals who see men with gynecomastia on a daily basis and there is absolutely nothing you have to be ashamed of in seeing a doctor. Almost all gynecomastia doctors offer an initial complimentary consultation and I encourage you to make use of that opportunity. Diagnosing will also give you an idea of what proportion of breast enlargement is breast tissue and what proportion is chest fat. Below is an illustration of one way a doctor may diagnose gynecomastia.

a doctor diagnosing gynecomastia

The patient lies flat on his back with his hands clasped beneath his head. Using the separated thumb and forefinger, the examiner slowly brings the fingers together from either side of the breast. In patients with true gynecomastia, a rubbery or firm mound of tissue that is concentric with the nipple–areolar complex is felt. In patients with pectoral or chest fat or pseudogynecomastia, no such disk or tissue is found [13].

Physical Examination Findings Difference

Gynecomastia or Breast Tissue Pseudogynecomastia or Chest Fat
A mass under the nipple area of the breast with or without pain when touched or squeezed. Breast enlargement involves the both breasts equally and evenly, without pain during palpation.

Again, do not self-diagnose it for two reasons. First, the above illustration and diagnosis approach was given to you for information purposes only and you cannot for sure say what you have is in fact, gynecomastia until it has been confirmed by a doctor. The second reason is to avoid confirmation bias which is the tendency to interpret possible evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs. So if you have already confirmed that what you have is gynecomastia, there is a high chance of error if you self-diagnose. The bottom line is that do not self-diagnose it and always have a doctor do it for you.

History Of Gynecomastia Pills

History of gynecomastia supplements

We will take a look at the history of gynecomastia supplements in this part of the Gynexin review and this will help you see the path that led to development of Gynexin. In the 1960’s and 1970’s scientists developed drugs that could prevent the process of aromatisation. Aromastisation is the process by which male hormone testosterone is converted to estrogen through the enzyme aromatase. There are two classes of drugs that influences estrogen and they SERM’s (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) [18] and AI’s (Aromatise Inhibitor) [19]. SERM’s selectively prevent the effect of estrogen in particular areas like chest and AI’s prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen in the first place. These are the only drugs that can interact with breast tissue and stop it from growing [18].

serms and ai

Now comes the bad part about them. SERM’s (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) and AI’s (Aromatise Inhibitor) are two class of very strong drugs and they are prescribed as a last sort for treating breast cancer among women [20, 21]. They also have very strong and serious side effects making them unsafe for gynecomastia. You might wonder why these drugs with such a long list of side effects are prescribed in the first place. You have to take into consideration the fact that they are prescribed for a life threatening medical condition like breast cancer in women. In that case the side effects are justified when compared against loss of life.

SERM’s And AI’s Pros

  • AI’s prevent production of estrogen

  • SERM’s interrupts the effects of estrogen.

SERM’s And AI’s Side Effects

  • Prescribed as a last resort for breast cancer in women

  • Joint pain

  • Bone density loss (Osteoporosis)

  • Pain or pressure in the pelvis

  • Leg swelling or tenderness

  • Chest pain

  • Shortness of breath

  • Sudden vision problems

  • Severe headache

Development Of Gynexin

development path of gynecomastia supplements like gynexin

Since SERM’s and AI’s in their original form cannot be used safely, different combinations of natural ingredients that had similar characteristics of SERM’s & AI’s were tested by a number of companies. The formula that had the most success involved a combination of Sclareolides, Guggulsterone and Theobromine Cacao. This is current formula used by leading gynecomastia supplements like Gynexin and Gynectrol. We will take a look at the roles these ingredients play in the next part of this Gynexin review.

gynexin review about ingredients

Sclareolide is a natural testosterone producer used in gynecomastia pillsSclareolide is natural product derived from various plants Salvia sclarea, Salvia yosgadensis, Salvia haematodes, Salvia plebeia, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Salvia officinalis. These herbs commonly found in the Mediterranean, North Africa and Central Asian regions. Salvia plebeia suppresses the expressions of genes related to adipogenesis and lipogenesis activity [24]. Salvia officinalis improves insulin sensitivity, inhibits lipogenesis in adipocytes and reduces inflammation as judged by plasma cytokines [25, 26].

guggulsterone is a natural ingredient in gynecomastia pillsGuggulsterone is natural ingredient processed from the gum of the Commiphora mukul tree. It signals the thyroid gland to produce more triiodothyronine that increases function of the thyroid gland [27,28,29] which has a direct catabolic effect on pectoral adipose tissue (chest fat) [30]. Guggulsterone may stimulate the thyroid gland to burn more pectoral fat. Guggulsterone influence numerous steroid receptors [31].

theobromine cacao chemical structureTheobromine Cacao is a natural ingredient extracted from the Kola nut. Theobromine Cacao posses anti-breast cancer compounds [32]. Theobromine Cacao has compounds, which influences in a positive way our moods and our state of alertness [33]. These effects are due to antiradical properties of cocoa phenolics [34], which increase the plasma level of antioxidants to prevent the oxidation of LDL-cholesterol [35]. These particular properties are related to the protective mechanism of cocoa phenolics in heart disease [36]. Other relevant properties include their ability to modulate the immune response [36,37,38,39,40] and their anti-inflammatory [41,42,43] and anticarcinogenic properties [44].

Gynexin Ingredients

An Image showing review of gynexin ingredients
Ingredient Name Mechanism Of Action
1 Sclareolides May suppress adipogenesis and lipogenesis activity, improve sexual function
2 Guggulsterones May increase the function of thyroid gland, which may increase lipolysis (Burns off chest fat)
3 Theobromine Cacao May modulate the immune response and has anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic properties
4 Caffeine Enhances focus and provides energy [45]
5 Chromium Picolinate Reduce insulin resistance and to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes [46]
6 Green Tea Extract Works against high-fat diet-induced obesity and type II diabetes and could reduce the risk of coronary disease [47]
7 Titanium Dioxide Has antimicrobial effect [48]
8 Gelatine Capsule cover

Gynexin Review – Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions about Gynexin

In this part of the Gynexin review, I am listing some of the frequently asked questions about Gynexin about medication conflicts, diet, workouts etc.

Are There Any Medication Conflicts For Gynexin ?

According to its manufacturer, Gynexin will not work effectively under the following circumstances because the ingredients in Gynexin may come into conflict with these medicines. Gynexin is also not recommended if you are under treatment for a major medical condition.

medication conflicts for gynexin
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Under treatment for a major medical condition
  • While using St. John’s Wort
  • While using Acetaminophen

Are There Any Diet Requirements ?

There are no strict diet requirements but it is recommended that you go a diet that is less in fat. This is to ensure that there is less fat available for the body and this will also help to speed up chest fat lipolysis coupled with increased metabolism. Remember that fat deposits produces the enzyme aromatase that converts testosterone to estrogen and any reduction in fat intake will give the body one less opportunity to create more estrogen.

anti-estrogen diet for gynexin

Another improvement in your diet that you can make while taking Gynexin is to ensure that you are not limiting food items that are high in estrogen or that which promotes estrogen. Completely avoiding food items with estrogen is not possible but this is one small step that adds up to the effectiveness. Below is a list of food items that are rich in estrogen. The last three in the list have been found to lower testosterone levels. This is not by any standards a complete list of food items with estrogen and that is beyond the scope of this page. I am just giving you something to start with. I also want to make it create that avoiding these foods will not get rid of gynecomastia but together with Gynexin, it provides the body every opportunity to starve the estrogen [49,50,51].

No Food Item
1 Soy products
2 Oats
3 Rice
4 Beans
5 Apples
6 Sesame seeds
7 Rice bran
8 Carrots
9 Soybean
10 Tempeh
11 Tofu
12 Beer
13 High – PUFA Vegetable Oils
12 Mint, Peppermint, Spearmint
12 Alcohol

Workouts To Supplement Gynexin

If you can do even some of the workouts shown in the following part of this Gynexin review, they will help you in a number of ways. First, it flattens the breast tissue and gives better shape for the chest. It speeds up chest fat lipolysis and it also helps your body to produce more testosterone. 3 out of the 5 workouts below can be done at home if you can buy a pair of dumbbells.

chest workouts to supplement gynexin

There is one important aspect you need to understand and that is, we are not looking at building muscles but just giving movement around the pectoral area. It should always be less/low weight and more/high frequency or numbers. When you use heavy weights, you are actually building muscles in effect and that is not what we are looking here when using Gynexin. Below are the some workouts recommended by experts to optimally target the pectoral area.

An animated illustration of a man performing decline push ups workout to lose chest fat
An animated image of a man performing incline bench dumbbell press workout to lose chest fat
A man performing dumbbell pullover workout to lose chest fat
An animated illustration of a man performing incline bench barbell press workout to lose chest fat
A man performing smith machine incline bench press workout to lose chest fat

I just want to once again emphasise that the key idea is to be physically active and even  if you cannot do any of these workouts due to work or lack of time, be as much as physically active as  possible. Controlling your fat intake and being physically active provides the body a very supportive environment to balance your hormone levels, increase testosterone and burn off pectoral fat produces aromatase enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen.

Gynexin Money Back Guarantee

Gynexin claims a success rate of 99% but apart from the manufacturer’s claim there is no verifiable data. However, I believe it has a high success rate. The user submitted before-after images are also one way to see the effectiveness of the product. Despite being costly than its competitors, it still has high sales and all of these I believe, are testament to the quality of the product. Gynexin does not accept opened bottles back in their warehouse to avoid cross contamination of warehouse stock. Gynexin is a specialty supplement produced in small batches and sold exclusively through their website and the return policy is in the same line as other specialty supplements. They have a money back guarantee for unopened bottles within 45 days.

How Many Bottles Should I start With ?

You should always start with one bottle and understand the baseline response rate. Baseline response rate is the rate of response your body returns after a supplement interacts with it in a 30 day period. You will get a definite picture about the speed of change and this will give you a clear idea about how much time it will take for you to see the results you are looking for. Starting with one bottle also will help you to use Gynexin without impacting your monthly budget or overdrawing from your credit card. It also significantly reduces your risk. Another reason I suggest to start with a single bottle is that Gynexin being a speciality supplement is made in small batches in limited numbers and a new batch may have a more refined formula. Almost all speciality supplements have comparatively shorter expiry period and you will get a recently produced bottle when you order the second time. Shipping is free, so you do not lose any money in that regard. There is a reduced per-bottle price for multiple bottles but I recommend you to buy just one when you start.

Should I Buy ?

The two main options to get rid of breast enlargement in men are to use a supplement like Gynexin or to go for surgery. Surgery costs anywhere between 6000-7500 based on the location and profile of the surgeon [52]. The problem with surgery is that is not covered by insurance and you will have to pay it out of your pocket. Gynexin costs $70 for one month’s supply and you should see results by the end of the first month. From a cost analysis point of view, One month worth supply of Gynexin costs 1% of the cost of surgery and it is my personal opinion that if you have a chance to get even a 50% percent breast reduction at a fraction of the cost of surgery, it is not worth to miss that opportunity. Gynexin has been used by men for the last 8 years and take a look at the below before-after photos submitted by users. If you think you will be satisfied with similar results, definitely buy one bottle of Gynexin and give it a try.

Gynexin Review : Before & After Pictures

Gynexin offers $250 to users willing to share their results and below are some of the before-after pictures showing results received through that offer.

An image showing the chest size before and after using gynexin
An image showing the before and after picture of a man
An image of a man
gynexin review before and after pictures
gynexin review before and after pictures
gynexin before after image
  • Developed To Eliminate Chest Fat

  • Natural Ingredients

  • 8 Years In Market

  • Made In U.S.A

  • FREE Shipping

image of gynecomastia supplement Gynexin
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