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I write this Gynexin review based on my experience as someone who have had and got rid of gynecomastia  I literally understand the sheer agony, loss of confidence, stress and constant nagging thoughts when you become ultra conscious and sensitive about your enlarged breasts. My goal for this Gynexin review is to give you a crystal clear picture about what Gynexin is and help you understand the risks, rewards, medication conflicts, diet requirements and workouts that will help flatten your chest and get rid of gynecomastia.

How To Read This Gynexin Review

This Gynexin review is divided into a number of parts that will give you a clear idea about whether Gynexin will work for you. We will start with a refresher on gynecomastia just to make sure we are on the same page and will then go directly to the review. By the end of this Gynexin review, you will have a very clear idea about what Gynexin does and most importantly, for whom and under what circumstances it will work as advertised.

Gynecomastia Basics

This section of the Gynexin review will introduce you to what gynecomastia is and what it is not. I very well understand that you came here to read a review of Gynexin and not for a lecture on gynecomastia but this introduction is necessary to clear a few misconceptions because all breast enlargement in men are not as a result of gynecomastia. There are other conditions such as pseudogynecomastia that manifests the same as gynecomastia.


Is the excessive growth of breast tissue in adult men leading to enlarged breasts. About 36% of young adult men and 57% of older adult men in North America have gynecomastia in one of the four grades.


Pseudogynecomastia or false gynecomastia is breast enlargement in men caused by accumulation of fat instead of breast tissue growth. Breast enlargement due to excessive breast tissue as a result of gynecomastia and excessive fat accumulation as a result of pseudogynecomastia looks more or less the same.

an image showing statistics about men with gynecomastia in the usa

Mixed Gynecomastia

In the majority of men, breast enlargement will occur as a result of a mix of excessive breast tissue as well as fat content. This is called mixed gynecomastia. If you have more than usual level of body fat, you will most likely have mixed gynecomastia. The strict classification of breast enlargement in men into gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia is for clarity but in actual practice, there will be some fat in all cases of gynecomastia. The majority composition will be breast tissue along with some fat.

Pubertal Gynecomastia

Breast tissue development is seen in about 40% of all boys during puberty and usually goes away as they enter adulthood and as their chest flattens out. If you are a teenager concerned about a little breast development, understand that it is temporary and you do not need to take Gynexin. In fact, you should not even try to do anything for breast reduction in your teenage because it is only a temporary phenomenon. If you are a teenager who came here to know about Gynexin, go to the dedicated page for gynecomastia in teenagers.

What Results Are We Looking At After Using Gynexin ?

A key distinction that you have to understand before using Gynexin is that Gynexin is only for reducing breast enlargement that happens behind and around the areola (nipples). If you are looking for a result that includes breast reduction AND shaping or perfecting the contours of your chest, that is the domain of a gynecomastia surgeon. When you use Gynexin, you get whatever chest shape you have minus the breast enlargement behind and around your areola (nipples). Take a look at the user submitted before-and-after images and you will see the change in breast enlargement but no overall change in chest shape or contour. You can see more before-and-after images in the latter part of this Gynexin review. I have read negative reviews about Gynexin from users who thought Gynexin would give them a better chest shape. Gynexin will reduce your breast enlargement but will not have any effect on the overall chest contour.

Gynexin review with before and after pictures
gynexin review with before and after pictures
Gynexin before and after pictures

Difference Between Gynecomastia & Normal Chest

The illustration below shows the physiological difference between a normal male chest and a male chest with gynecomastia. On the right, you can see the growth of breast tissue under the areola (nipple) causing the nipple to protrude leading to an abnormal chest shape. On the left, there is no such breast tissue growth and as such, no protrusion.

An illustration showing the difference between a normal chest and gynecomastia

Difference Between Gynecomastia & Pseudogynecomastia

The illustration below shows the difference between gynecomastia which is caused by excessive breast tissue and pseudogynecomastia which also looks like gynecomastia but the breast enlargement is as a result of fat accumulation and not excess breast tissue. So the outward appearance can be pretty much the same and you cannot differentiate the underlying matter with by just seeing it.

An illustration showing when does workouts to lose chest fat works

Gynecomastia Treatment Options

This part of the Gynexin review will look at available treatment options and also touch briefly on their pros and cons. Even though a Gynexin review has to be about Gynexin, I believe that it would be in your best interest to take a look at other available treatments options. The main treatment options for gynecomastia are 1) a compression shirt to temporarily suppress and hide  2) a gynecomastia supplement like Gynexin and 3) get rid of gynecomastia by surgery.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this Gynexin review, a clear understanding about all available treatment options are in your best interest. The unique advantage of Gynexin in the market is that it is the only option to permanently get rid of gynecomastia without surgery and without taking time off from work.

An image showing treatment options other than gynexin

Why Would Anyone Go For Gynecomastia Surgery ?

You might be wondering why would anyone go for surgery when there is Gynexin. Gynexin claims to work in 99% BUT with varying levels of effectiveness. Some will experience significant breast reduction by the end of the first month whereas, others will only see a minor level of breast reduction. The level of effectiveness varies from individual to individual. To be brutally honest, some  will not experience any significant breast reduction with Gynexin and that is not the case with just Gynexin but applies to all supplements be it weight loss or detox supplements. So for those who only experience a less than satisfied rate of breast reduction, surgery is the logical option.

An image with the text gynecomastia surgery written on it

There are also a number of wealthy individuals and celebrities who wants to get their breast enlargement reduced and get their chest shaped by a plastic surgeon. Gynexin does not shape your chest, it only reduces breast enlargement. Another reason why people opt for surgery is that they do neither have the time nor the patience to use a supplement like Gynexin that takes at least 30 days to see the results. You and I may find $6000-8500 as a significant amount but there are many people in our country that includes celebrities and the so-called 1% for whom money is also not a problem at all. Even though gynecomastia surgery is not covered by any insurance companies, some will also finance their gynecomastia surgery with very low interest rates and they will usually do this along with other cosmetic procedures. This Gynexin review is for the average Joe who wants to get rid of gynecomastia without incurring the cost of gynecomastia surgery.

Gynexin Ingredients

This part of the Gynexin review will explains what the ingredients are and what they do. Click on the links for additional information on the product website. You can also run a detailed search about them using a drug dictionary at your library. The official Gynexin website also has a page detailing what the ingredients are and what role they play in the formula.

An Image showing review of gynexin ingredients

If you are viewing this page on a mobile device, swipe the table to the left to see the content in the far right table columns.

Ingredient Name What it does
1 Chromium Picolinate Helps maintain a stable metabolism rate
2 Guggulsterones A catalyst to increase fat burning
3 Gynexin Alpha Blend The proprietary formula is a unique combination of chemicals that targets gynecomastia
4 Sclareolides Increases testosterone levels and decreases estrogen levels
5 Green Tea Extract Lower cholesterol levels and reduce bad fat. Facilitates fat reduction

Before & After Pictures By Gynexin Users

According to the manufacturer, the current proprietary Gynexin alpha formula is the result of a number of refinements based on research and customer feedback. Gynexin pays up to $250 dollars for customers who submit their before and after pictures and their feedback goes back to the information loop used to refine the product. So if you are willing to share your results for marketing purposes, you can actually recoup the money you spent to lose gynecomastia.

An image showing the chest size before and after using gynexin
Gynexin before and after proof
An image showing the before and after picture of a man
In image of the chest of a man before and after using Gynexin
An image of a man
An image that shows side by side the shape of a man

All the above pictures and other pictures used throughout this gynexin review has been submitted by users to their website. As you can see, there are no surgery scars on any of the pictures and hence, the showed breast reduction cannot be from gynecomastia surgery.

Gynexin Review – Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions about using gynexin

I have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about Gynexin in this Gynexin review section that includes what its mechanism of action, information about diet that supplements the actions of Gynexin, about physical activity, how to assess the rate of effectiveness among others. Take a look at these questions below to get a complete understanding.

An image with the text what does gynexin do and does not do

What Gynexin Does Not Do ?

One of the misconceptions about gynecomastia pills like Gynexin is about the shape of the resultant chest. I have received a number of queries asking about what their chest would look like after using Gynexin. This part of the Gynexin review will explain some of the misconceptions.

  • The role of Gynexin is to reduce the breast enlargement and it ends there.

  • Using Gynexin will not give you a perfectly muscular and chiselled chest. It is up to you to shape your chest the way you want and for that you have to workout at the gym.

What Gynexin Does ?

In this part of the review, we will see what happens behind the scenes. Most cases of breast enlargement caused by gynecomastia also involves some chest fat and Gynexin has a dual approach to address the breast tissue and the fat that causes the enlargement.

  • Gynexin targets the excess tissue causing gynecomastia and flattens it.

  • Gynexin also burns any chest fat that is found along with the excess breast tissue.

To help burn up the chest fat and to speed up the process, you need to do specific workouts that target the upper chest so that it helps you to pull up the chest fat from the lower chest that includes the nipple and the area behind it and it also helps the chest to flatten.

What Are Some Of The Workouts To Supplement Gynexin’s Mechanism Of Action ?

This part of the gynexin review will give you details about specific workouts that you can do so that the fatty portion of the chest is reduced. It will also help to flatten the chest. Before you do these workouts, there is one important aspect you need to understand. By doing these workouts to lose chest fat, we are not looking at building muscles but burning fat and towards a leaner chest. So weight and frequency are very important. It should always be less/low weight and more/high frequency or numbers.

When you use heavy weights, you are actually building muscles in effect and that is not what we are looking here when using gynexin. Below are the 5 best  exercises that you can use to burn chest off your chest. These workouts have been incorporated into this gynexin review based on feedback from experts who know what it takes to target chest fat in terms of workouts.

An animated illustration of a man performing decline push ups workout to lose chest fat
An animated image of a man performing incline bench dumbbell press workout to lose chest fat
A man performing dumbbell pullover workout to lose chest fat
An animated illustration of a man performing incline bench barbell press workout to lose chest fat
A man performing smith machine incline bench press workout to lose chest fat

Combine Gynexin & Workouts For Faster Results

You can use Gynexin without workouts but, working out will speed up the process of flattening your chest. It will also help to burn the pectoral fat present with breast tissue that contributes to breast enlargement.

What Is The Recommended Diet While Using Gynexin ?

an image at a section of gynexin review talking about food items to be avoided

Diet is one aspect that a number of gynexin users does not take into consideration and in this part of the gynexin review, we will talk about the recommended diet to follow along with using gynexin. There is one fundamental truth that you have to understand here in relation to diet. Breast tissue growth happens most primarily due to the excess estrogen in your body and one source is food items that are rich in estrogen. So the diet that is recommended to be followed while taking gynexin is an anti-estrogen diet that is very low in estrogen and very high in testosterone. You will be amazed at the high density of estrogen in some of the foods that you come across on a daily basis. You can see a list of the common foods that are high in estrogen.

Will avoiding food that contains estrogen help you to get rid of gynecomastia ? No, it is in itself not a potent force to get rid of gynecomastia but it adds up to Gynexin’s mechanism of action and helps your body to put up the best fight against gynecomastia.

No: Name
1 Soy
2 Tofu
3 Meat produced with hormones
4 Dairy products that are produced with hormones
5 Legumes in general
6 Sesame seeds
7 Tempeh
8 Bran cereals
9 Alfalfa sprouts
An image with the text testosterone rich diet

On the other hand, a diet that included food items that are rich in testosterone must be added to your daily food intake. A diet that is less in estrogen or a diet that is high in testosterone are not treatments in itself but all things being equal, you have a significant chance of improvement if you go on an estrogen less and testosterone rich diet. Below are some of the food items that are rich in testosterone.

No: Name
1 Red grapes
2 Tuna
3 Venison
4 Garlic
5 Honey
6 Hormone-free milk
7 Hormone-free eggs
8 Cabbage
9 Avocado
10 Organic/hormone free meat
9 Organic/hormone free fish

The above is neither an in-depth guide nor represents a complete list of the food items you should avoid or include. I am just giving you an idea about the role diet has when using gynexin to get rid of gynecomastia. You are encouraged to read more about food items that are rich in testosterone and use your judgement. When a complimentary diet is followed while using Gynexin, it significantly improves the success chance and you can also make sure that you are leaving no stones un-turned in your effort to non-surgically get rid of gynecomastia.

Are There Any Medication Conflicts For Gynexin ?

According to its manufacturer, Gynexin will not work effectively under the following circumstances. Some of the conditions listed below will only last for a few days and you can use Gynexin once the conflict period is over. Other conditions could be permanent and Gynexin will not work because the ingredients in gynexin would need a fairly normal medical environment to work effectively.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Under treatment for a major medical condition
  • While using St. John’s Wort
  • While using Acetaminophen

What Are The Ideal Conditions Necessary For Gynexin ?

If you are viewing this page on a mobile device, swipe the table to the left to see the content in the far right table columns.

No Requirement Required Or Not
1 You are not under treatment for a major medical condition.
2 You are eating the least possible amount of estrogen-rich foods and maximizing on testosterone-rich foods.
3 You can control calorie intake so that the fat burning effects are not reversed or neutralized.
4 You understand that Gynexin will reduce breast enlargement and then you have to shape that chest the way you want.
5 You are willing to workout for your upper chest to facilitate fat reduction.
6 Use it for one full month giving Gynexin the time to kick in with its workings and effects and not discontinue in the middle.
7 Maintain good sleep, meal times and avoid stress to keep your body calm and receptive.

Will I Get 100% Breast Reduction With Gynexin ?

A lot of the readers of this Gynexin review in the past have sent me this question and my answer usually is: What if you only got 90% or 75% of breast reduction ?. Wouldn’t that be life changing ?. As someone who got rid of gynecomastia, I can vouch that even 50% of reduction in gynecomastia will be LIFE CHANGING. You do not need a 100% success rate to feel the difference. You should go for it even if you only get 50% breast reduction only at a fraction of the cost of surgery. We are not aiming for the perfect chest with Gynexin but something that we are no longer ashamed of or afraid to take our shirts off in public

Personal experience in gynexin review

Assess 30 Day Baseline Rate To Forecast Effectiveness

The key strategy in using any supplements including Gynexin  is to use it continuously for one month and check the baseline response rate. Thirty days is the minimum time Gynexin needs to properly execute its mechanism of action and by using it continuously for 30 days, you are making sure that you have given it necessary time to work. By the end of the first month, you should see the results and you will be able to get an accurate picture of Gynexin’s baseline response rate on your body. By assessing your individual baseline response rate, you will get an idea on how many more months it would take to achieve the desired level of breast reduction. When you start using, always start with one single bottle and go from there. Assessing the baseline response is the strategy of choice among people who professionally use supplements and steroids and that is how they assess the effectiveness. Every supplement’s baseline response rate will vary depending upon the individual and by the end of the first month, you will get an accurate picture of how well is Gynexin’s effectiveness on your body. This will help you to calculate in ball park figures, the time and amount of dosage you would require to achieve your desired level of breast reduction with Gynexin.

Section in gynexin review explaining how to use baseline rate to accurately assess the effectiveness of gynexin

To Buy Or Not To Buy ?

The fundamental difference between a gynecomastia supplement like Gynexin and surgery is that Gynexin will only lead you until breast reduction whereas in gynecomastia surgery, your breast enlargement is removed and your chest is shaped and contours perfected. The trade-off is time, money and effort. Surgery takes only 3-4 days and you get the fastest results but costs anywhere between $6000-8500 with very little effort. The minimum time required for you to see any results with Gynexin is 30 days at an expense of $70.  There is persistence and initiative necessary from your part to be active and use it continuously no matter what the results are in the first or second week.

Time to take action and to get rid of gynecomastia

If there is one piece of advise that I can give you as someone who had and got rid of gynecomastia, it is that you need to take action and only taking action will move you closer to the goal of getting rid of gynecomastia. If you don’t want to try Gynexin, that’s perfectly fine. You can see a doctor specializing in gynecomastia and discuss about surgery if you can afford it but do take some kind of action that will bring you one step more to a flat and firmer chest without gynecomastia. I also recommend you try a compression shirt in case you want to feel what it is like without gynecomastia. This will give you motivation to take that big step to get rid of gynecomastia forever. Whatever your preferred method to get rid of gynecomastia is, do take some kind of action. As someone who have had gynecomastia and got rid of it, the time, effort and money involved in using Gynexin at 1% of the cost of surgery is absolutely, positively worth it. When you see the change, it will be as if it has taken a huge weight of guilt, shame and sense of inferiority off of you. I frankly still do not know to fully explain that experience in words when I finally got rid of gynecomastia.

dream big, set goals and take action

Gynexin is the only non-surgical treatment available as of today to permanently get rid of gynecomastia and if you are not someone who wants to go for surgery or cannot afford it, then this is your best option. I have had more than 1500 people whom I was able to track that bought Gynexin after reading this review and I received less than 10 completely negative feedback.  The bottom line is that when you have a chance to get rid of gynecomastia for 1% of the cost of surgery (1 month Gynexin supply costs $70 and surgery on an average costs $7000), you should get take it because it is simply not wise to miss that opportunity. With consistent use of Gynexin for 30 days, a balanced estrogen-less meal and by being physically active, you should start to see the results by the end of the first month.

You will never be the same when you get rid of gynecomastia

Below are some of the before and after images submitted by those who have used Gynexin with varying levels of success and take a look at them before you decide. You can see medium to significant levels of breast reduction achieved by these men and as someone who also had got rid of gynecomastia, these are LIFE CHANGING results. We get up everyday without the feeling of embarrassment and sense of shame that I can very well relate to and for me, getting rid of gynecomastia was one of the best things that happened in my life.

gynexin review before and after pictures
gynexin review before and after pictures
gynexin review before and after pictures
gynexin review before and after pictures
gynexin review before and after pictures
gynexin review before and after pictures
  • Developed exclusively for gynecomastia.
  • Natural and non-surgical treatment.
  • No special diet requirements.
  • No stitches or hospitalization.
  • Results by the end of first month.

  • Manufactured in the United States.
  • Recommended 1 month supply costs $70

An image of gynexin, a supplement for gynecomastia
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